Excavation in the West Tarkio Valley of southwest Iowa has revealed the second most complete skeleton of an adult Megalonyx jeffersonii ever recovered, lying in situ, and partially intermingled, with the remains of two juveniles.  The specimens are buried in primary deposits, offering unprecedented opportunities for research into paleoenvironments during the Pleistocene/Holocene transition and insights into the behavior, habitat, resource partitioning and family associations of this keystone species.  See the Project Summary for more information.

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  1. Dave, what an excellent idea to start a blog on the Tarkio Valley Sloth Project! Blogs are so popular these days and it will allow all of us who are fascinated by the giant ground sloths to participate in the ongoing discussion/research, whether or not we’ve been a direct participant in the project. I may even “steal” your idea and start a blog on the Eastern Iowa Paleontology Project — as long as you don’t mind… Keep up the good work — I look forward to reading your blog entries.

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