A follow-up story in the paper

A lot of interest in the project in southwest Iowa. Here’s another story in the local paper:


The reporter, Tess Gruber Nelson, visited the site Saturday and called for an update Monday morning.  KMA, the local radio station, called to do an interview too.    Thanks again to everyone who participated and made it so memorable.    Dave

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  1. Dave, Digging a dry hole can not be all bad. I have received five messages about what good time everyone had. Here is a sample. Lynn noted that she had a grand time last weekend and is looking forward to the next opportunity to dig. Ausi, a high school student, wrote that it helped to secure my life dream of becoming a paleontologist and wants to go again. Congeniality at the site was mentioned twice. The slothers are a super group.

    We did learn a lot, aside from adding a snapping turtle to the meager list of associated fauna. We now know the limits of bone distribution to the north, east and south of the bone concentration. We can now concentrate on digging proven ground. It is still exciting. Holmes

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